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Our speciality is handmade cakes, cupcakes and chocolates that are vegan, dairy-free, egg-free and delicious. Palm oil free, wheat-free and nut-free options available. Read feedback from our customers.

Our next available delivery date is Tuesday 29 April.

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Mail order - new

Boxes of 6 cupcakes now available in all flavours: Chocolate Fudge, Classic Vanilla, Coffee, Lemony Vanilla, Carrot, Raspberry Sundae, Classic Lemon, Choco Vanilla and Choco Choc. With free decoration.


Mail order - cakes

Choose from Chocolate Fudge Cake, Ultra Chocolate, Victoria Sponge, Coffee Walnut, Lemony Vanilla and Classic Lemon. All cakes can have Lettering and are available as wheat or wheat-free options.


Mail order - cupcakes

With Chocolate Fudge, Classic Vanilla, Raspberry Sundae, Coffee/Coffee Walnut, Lemony Vanilla, Classic Lemon, Carrot, Choc Vanilla and Choco Choc. Most available as wheat or wheat-free options.


Mail order - sugar-free

This section includes sugar-free treats. Choose from Chocolate Coconut Bounty in 'milk' or plain chocolate. With no added cane sugar we have Choco Balls and Fudge balls, covered in chocolate..


Mail order - decorations

Add handmade decoration to your cake or cupcakes here. With hearts, stars, daisies, cats, dogs, ducks, pigs, owls, trains and more. In chocolate or marzipan.



Mail order - terms and conditions



...totally scrummy...
"Just want to say a big thank you for the totally scrummy cakes. My girlfriend and I have devoured a good amount of them already. lol. They are the best tasting cakes we've ever had. Wonderful service that we will be using again. :)"

Robert, Norwich, Norfolk
Carrot Cupcakes and Ultra Chocolate Cake


"Cupcakes arrived today, absolutely gorgeous."

Many thanks,
Paul, Carmarthanshire
Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes


...best we've tasted...
"Very pleased with birthday sponge, will use you again and recommend you. The best vegan sponge we`ve tasted."

Thanks Nada Courtney, Wales
Victoria Sponge


The feedback below is for cakes we sent on behalf of Blue Lotus Cakes.

...absolutely delicious...
"The cakes arrived on Friday and are absolutely delicious. They were packaged perfectly and everyone has commented on how moist the sponge is and how tasty they are. I like to bake myself, and will have to up my game to compete with these! Thanks again for the wonderful cupcakes."

Rachael, Cliffe, North Yorkshire
Lemony Vanilla Cupcakes


"It was just so lovely to be able to give all my guests a cake they could eat. Those with allergies were really pleased they could join in with my celebrations but several other guests preferred that one as well! Also, for a cake sent by courier, it arrived in excellent condition as it was very well packaged."

Lesley, Grays Essex.
Wheat free Coffee Cake


"It was fantastic to find a cake which my children could eat, as two of them have food allergies, it was absolutly delicious!! I'll definitely be getting the families birthday cakes from you in the future!"

Frances, Pontypridd Wales
Chocolate Cake



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Fairfoods' mail order cakes, cupcakes and chocolates are freshly made to order, packed carefully and delivered to your door. Great for birthdays and celebrations. They are vegan, dairy-free, egg-free. With gluten-free and nut-free options. Covering the UK: Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Yorkshire, Tyneside, Glasgow, Bristol, Portsmouth, Leicester and more.


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