If you are thinking of booking a wedding, birthday or other event with us, here is a break down of how we cost it up.

Before we even start, here are a few ball park figures which include all costs – serving, clearing, washing up etc. – except the travel (see below) because this can vary massively. The price does vary depending on how complex your menu is.

Hot and cold food
Buffet main course only – £11-£13
Starter sharing platters and main course – £14-£17

Cold food
Buffet main course only – £8-£11
Starter sharing platters and main course – £12-14
Dessert – £2.50-£3.50 or £5-7 for a dessert buffet


Firstly we factor in the cost of the food. You tell us numbers and we agree a rough menu together, we can then work out how much food you’ll need, and cost it up.


Perhaps at weddings more than anything else, we stay and serve the food, heat it up as required, clear tables and possibly wash up.

If there is anything more than a small amount of food to be heated up, we recommend that we stay to serve the food. Unless of course someone at your wedding/birthday or other event really likes being in the kitchen and doesn’t mind taking time out from the party to slave away over a hot oven. That is the reality – it’s not that enjoyable if you’re there to relax and mingle and have fun.

The other bonus is that we have intimate knowledge of the food to answer any questions that people have. All the food is vegan and we are vegan down to our non-leather boots, we love our food and will happily chat to people about it.

If however you are booking an office lunch, smaller buffet/cold buffet, having us ‘drop and go’ can be a good option which will save you money. We’re happy to put the food out before we go but will talk to you about either you providing plates/platters/serving utensils for the food, or us making a minimal charge for disposable ones. For a larger buffet – whether hot or cold – we don’t recommend the drop and go. For a cold buffet it will most likely need two of us, for a hot buffet three, four or more depending on the complexity of the menu and number of guests. And whether you want us to wash up plates.


We charge at 40p per mile round trip from Willand, Devon.

Compostable plates and cutlery

If you want these, we can provide sturdy compostable pates and compostable plastic cutlery. At the time of writing they are 10p per plate and 10p per set of cutlery. Wooden cutlery is about half the price of compostable plastic but we don’t tend to use it because it has a strange ‘mouthfeel’ that some people don’t like.

~~ If you are interested in booking us, have a look at our main menu listing, or just get in touch via our booking form ~~

Note. Prices correct at the time of writing.