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Buffet Food

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  • Mini quiches
    Smoky flavour, garden vegetable or spicy pea, potato and coriander tart
  • Homity pie
    Buffet slices of potato, onion and vegan cheese pie
  • Baby sausage rolls
    Made in-house.
  • Baby handheld pasties
    Spicy butternut or Cornish-style
Margherita Pizza | Fairfoods Vegan Catering
  • Sushi with dipping sauce (gf option)
  • Sushi with spicy almond sauce and shiitake mushrooms
  • Mac n cheese frittata (gfo)
  • Spicy harissa frittata (gfo)
  • Charred tomato salsa with kettle crisps
  • Spicy peanut sauce with homemade foccacia bread and vegetable sticks
  • Hummus with vegetable crudités
  • Tartare sauce  with tortillas and vegetable sticks
Vegan Buffet with Quiches, Vols
  • Sandwiches
    Choose from: cheesy mayo plus; smoky vegan egg mayo with watercress; homemade hummus & roast veg; reuben (smoky baked tofu with sauerkraut, grain mustard and spinach); vegan cream cheese, cucumber & dill, vegan cheese & pickle; ham, cheese and mustard; and spicy peanut sauce with salad & spring onion.
  • Salads
    Choose from our selection below.
  • Fruit plate (gfo)
    We mainly use seasonal fruits, great to refresh the palate.
Vegan Pasties | Fairfoods

~ Salads (gfo) ~

Choose from our fresh, made-to-order salads. Why not make salad the main event and select some of our buffet items to go on the side? All salads except the tabbouleh and pasta salad are free of gluten-containing ingredients.

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  • American potato salad
    Our favourite potato salad packed with fresh dill, red onion and spring onions, plus zingy pickles, crunchy celery, vegan mayo and mustard.
  • Tabbouleh
    Bulgur with tomato, cucumber, spring onions, lemon juice and fresh parsley and mint.
  • Energy Salad
    Grated carrot and courgette lightened up with crunchy beansprouts. Plus pointed peppers, hemp seeds and toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds. With vinaigrette.
  • Coleslaw
    With lemony roast garlic vegan mayo.
  • Sesame Slaw
    Carrot and red cabbage with mayo, sesame oil, tamari and toasted sesame seeds.
  • French grated carrot salad
    With lemon juice, Dijon mustard and fresh herbs.
  • Leafy green salad with strawberries and oranges
    Green salad with fresh strawberries (or seasonal fruit), served with raspberry and orange dressing.
  • Leafy green salad with toasted seeds and pine nuts
    Green salad with toasted seeds and pine nuts. This includes sesame seeds.
  • Greek-style pasta salad
    Spelt pasta with fresh herbs, olives, vegan cheese, cucumber and tomato.
Vegan Salad Bar | part of our vegan salad bar and buffet selection | Fairfoods
  • Peanut and coriander rice salad
    A crunchy salad with brown basmati rice, cabbage, carrots, toasted peanuts, fresh coriander and a light dressing.
  • Green bean and sesame salad
    Toasted sesame seeds, tamari and sweet freedom give an addictive dressing for green beans, broccoli and peas.
  • Brocco guacamole salad
    Lightly steamed broccoli with guacamole-style dressing. Served at room temperature.
  • Asian-style three bean salad
    With edamame, spring onions, pointed peppers and a ginger tamari sesame dressing.
  • Puy lentil salad with roasted vegetables
    Big chunks of roasted courgette, butternut squash, peppers, celeriac and cherry tomatoes with puy lentils and a tangy toasted fennel seed dressing.
  • Tomato, garlic and fresh basil
    Sometimes simple is best: juicy tomatoes marinated with fresh garlic and basil.
  • Xi’an cucumber salad
    Marinated cucumber with tahini dressing. Delicious as you get the hit from the marinade first and then the tahini flavours kick in.
  • Mediterranean salad
    With charred peppers, courgette, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.
Vegan Salads | Fairfoods

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Hot Food and Street Food

  • Burgers
    Our handmade burger recipe, where healthy ingredients (toasty peanuts or seeds, veg, brown rice and oats) and a careful blend of umami flavourings combine to make delicious and tasty ‘junk food’ without the junk. Choose from Fully Loaded, Mex or Satay.
  • Chilli nachos (gfo)
    Red wine bean chilli served with nachos, lime & coriander salsa, cheese sauce and jalapenos. The chilli can also be served with rice.
  • Spicy pea and paneer curry (gfo)
    Unusual and sensationally delicious curry with vegan cheese, peas and tomato. We can make the curry mild or hot.
  • Lentil dahl (gfo)
    Made with tempered spices and fresh coriander.
  • Creamy spinach and roast vegetable lasagne (gfo)
     Four layers: creamy spinach and tofu; tomato sauce; roasted mushrooms, red onions, courgettes and red peppers; and white sauce. Lasagne pasta is nestled in between the layers and the whole thing is topped with melty vegan cheese.
  • Roast hazelnut, sheese and cashew roast
    With tasty toasted hazelnuts and a hint of sheese for depth of flavour.
  • Creamy cashew nut roast (gfo)
    A lighter nut roast with cashews and vegetables including carrots, celery and courgettes.

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All food is suitable for vegans.

Gluten Free

CODE: gf option = low gluten – can be made with gluten-free ingredients, please ask.
Important. Our items made with gluten-free ingredients are prepared in the same kitchen as items containing gluten – although we do a thorough clean down between runs – all items may contain traces of gluten.

Vegan Mac N Cheese | Fairfoods
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