Fairfoods’ Menus: CANAPES

These can be handed round or served as a finger buffet at any event where you want to offer a light snack. At weddings they work perfectly after the wedding ceremony when you want guests to have a little something before the main meal is served later on.

Recommended amounts:

Two or three per person if you are going to have more food within a couple of hours

Four to six+ per person if this is the only food eaten for a few hours

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes with Vegan Cream Cheese


  • Mushroom vol-au-vents
  • Smoky mini quiches
  • Cherry tomatoes or mini peppers stuffed with vegan feta cheese
  • Dukkah tofu topped with aubergine dip
  • Sausage rolls
  • Carrot lox and vegan cream cheese on crostini
  • Asparagus, spring onion and vegan cream cheese on crostini
  • Sushi with shiitake topped with spicy almond sauce
  • Sushi with marinated tofu topped with hoisin sauce

Prices range from 65p to £1.20 each



  • Bakewell tart
  • Hi-raw chocolate brownie
Hi Raw Brownies, Vegan
  • Chocolate caramel cheesecake
  • Mini scones with vegan cream and jam
Vegan Scones
  • Apple cake
  • Tray bake: lemony vanilla or coffee walnut
  • Tray bake: chocolate fudge
Chocolate Tray Bake, Vegan
  • Lemon meringue tarts
  • Apricot streusel
  • Coconut bounty bites
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate
Strawberries in  Vegan Chocolate
  • Citrus truffles
  • Mint truffles
  • Hazelnut praline truffles
  • Ginger truffles

Prices for sweet canapes: 50p for dipped strawberries and bounty bites; 70p for mini scone halves; 80p for truffles; £1 for brownies and cakes; and £1.63 for cheesecake slices.

If you’d like to book us or ask a question, please get in touch.

All food is suitable for vegans.