This is Rosie, she was an integral part of Fairfoods and much loved, she passed a year ago on 2nd Jan 2019. These photos are from 2010, in the last photo is Penny (on the left) who she loved playing with.

Rosie in the reeds, in the snow

Our kitchen is in a converted annexe leased to us by family, and Rosie lived next door. Over the years we went on lots of dog walks with her and Penny, who still enjoys a walk.

Rosie had what seemed like a stroke in 2017, she couldn’t walk properly and her head was tilted. We rushed her to the vets and she stayed there overnight. When we went to visit her the next day she could only walk with a sort of sling underneath her, she couldn’t walk in a straight line and didn’t want to eat. The vet suggested putting her to sleep but we wanted to bring her home for one last night to see if it helped being at home and also to be with her. We stayed with Rosie overnight and went off to an event the next day leaving her in capable hands.

I phoned my folks halfway through the day almost resigned to the fact that it might be Rosie’s last day, but was ecstatic to hear that she was improving. The next day she started to eat and her walking improved until she made a pretty much full recovery. We learnt that when dogs have stroke-like symptoms such as these, there is a chance of recovery. Rosie was also very spirited and determined and no doubt this helped her get through.

Rosie went on to live until she was 14 and we have so many fond memories. RIP Rosie.

Rosie running in the snow
Rosie licking her nose, in the snow
Rosie running with Penny in the snow