Fairfoods’ Menus: SWEETS

  • Decorated Cakes – for birthday, anniversaries and celebrations
  • Desserts – cheesecake and cake
  • Chocolate – chocolates, truffles and slices
  • Sweet Buffets – for when you want smaller sizes and more choices
  • These are all vegan! If you’d like to book any cakes or sweets, or ask a question, please get in touch (new page).
  • Prices correct as at March 2020, they include the cost of any decorations shown.

Decorated Cakes

Coffee walnut cake, vegan
Coffee Walnut Cake – £28 for 7 inch
Lemon Cake, Vegan
Lemon Cake with Vegan Lemon Curd and Frosting – £45 for 9 inch
Lemon Birthday Cake, Vegan
Lemon Cake – £45 for nine inch
Vegan Lemon Cake
Extra Large Lemon Cake with Three Layers – £33 for 7 inch
Chocolate Ganache Cake, Vegan
Chocolate Ganache Cake – £30 for 7 inch
Chocolate Ganache Cake, Vegan
Chocolate Ganache Cake – £45 for nine inch
Chocolate Fudge Cake, Vegan
Chocolate Fudge Cake decorated with flowers – £37.50 for 9 inch plus cost of flowers
Chocolate Cake, Vegan
Chocolate Covered Chocolate Fudge Cake – £45 for 9 inch
Vegan Dinosaur Flower Cake
Dinosaur Cake – can be any flavour
Victoria Sponge, Vegan
Victoria Sponge – £25 for 7 inch
Vegan Lemony Vanilla Sponge
Lemony Vanilla Sponge – £22 for 7 inch

We love all the classic cake flavours. As well as the cakes above we have carrot, coffee walnut and chocolate caramel flavour available.


Chocolate Toffee Cheesecake, Vegan
Chocolate Toffee Cheesecake – £26 for 7 inch
Vanilla Cheesecake, Vegan
Vanilla Cheesecake – £26, served with raspberry coulis
Lemon Coconut Cheesecake, Vegan
Lemon Coconut Cheesecake, £24
Bakewell Tart, Vegan
Bakewell Tart – £15 for 9 inch
Chocolate Brownie, Vegan
Chocolate Brownie – £20 for 8 slices
Blackberry and Lemon Buckle, Vegan
Blackberry and Lemon Crumble Cake – £20 for 9 inch

As well as the cheesecakes and cakes above we have our apple cake.

Chocolates, Truffles and Slices

Choc Brownie and Bounty, Vegan
Front – Coconut Bounty – £1.50 each
Back – Raw-Style Choc Brownie – £2 each
Chocolate Coconut Bounty Bites, Vegan
Chocolate Coconut Bounty Bites – £10 for 20
Chocolate Truffles, Vegan
Truffles: Citrus, Mint, Ginger – £9.60 for 12 or Hazelnut Praline – £10.80
Orange Toasted Sesame Slice, Vegan
Choc Orange and Toasted Sesame Slice – £12 for 8

As well as the chocolates and slices above we have our rich and sticky toffee apple slice.

Sweet Table or Dessert Buffet

Choc Bounty Bites, Vegan

If you are after a selection of smaller slices and bites for people to choose from, look no further than our canapé menu (scroll down for the sweets).