Ethical and Environmental Information

Animal ingredients and testing

All of our products are free of animal ingredients (vegan) and are not tested on animals. Our kitchen is dedicated to meat- and dairy-free foods and therefore suitable for those with milk and egg intolerances.

Palm oil

We use palm oil in some of our recipes, mainly in our pastry and icing. We have been unsuccessful in removing it from these dishes as we have found the alternatives do not work as well and resulted in a drop in quality. If you would like a palm oil free menu we are more than happy to work with you to achieve this.


Some of our fruit and vegetables are organic. Some are ordered from an organic veg wholesaler, some are purchased locally. We do compare prices of organic and non-organic fruit and veg and purchase non-organic if there is a big price difference, to keep our prices affordable.

Some of our other raw ingredients are organic. Again we compare prices. All our wheat flour and cocoa is organic as is our soya flour, flax seed and cider vinegar.


Our coffee and cocoa are fairtrade. Our sugar is either fairtrade or produced in the UK. Our vegan milk chocolate is fairtrade, our sugar-free chocolate is not fairtrade – not available, our plain chocolate is fairtrade when available. We order our chocolate from a vegan company (Plamil).


Publicity leaflets and business cards are printed on recycled paper.

Tins, paper, card, glass, plastic bottles, most plastic packaging and tetrapacks are recycled; fruit and vegetable waste is composted; paper is recycled or composted.

We use environmentally friendly cleaners and washing up liquid.

Where cutlery and crockery are required we use the following:

  • wooden cutlery or compostable plastic cutlery;
  • compostable paper plates or reusable plates;
  • compostable takeaway boxes;
  • compostable plastic cups.

Where packaging is required we use the following:

  • biodegradable plastic carrier bags, biodegradable bubble wrap and small biodegradable plastic bags;
  • compostable or recyclable paper bags and cardboard boxes.

We have been unable to source a biodegradable cling film or wrapping tape, if you know of one please let us know.

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