Fairfoods’ Menus: SALAD BAR and BUFFETS

These are all based on menus we’ve served at weddings and other events.

Finger Buffet

  • Sandwiches: cheesy mayo plus
  • Smoky red pepper and courgette mini-quiches
  • Garden veg mini-quiches with fresh basil
  • Pizza garlic potato and fresh rosemary
  • Pizza margherita
  • Sushi with hoisin tofu
  • Sushi with dipping sauce
  • Cherry tomatoes stuffed with vegan cream cheese
  • Crisps, crackers and veg sticks
  • Tartare sauce
  • Thousand Island dressing
  • Fruit plate

£12.50 per person (minimum 20 people)

Salad Bar | Fairfoods Vegan

Salad Bar Buffet

  • Smoky mini quiches
  • Slices of potato, onion and vegan cheese pie
  • Baby spicy butternut pasties
  • Baby sausage rolls
  • Handmade foccacia bread
  • American potato salad
  • Tabbouleh
  • Coleslaw with lemony roast garlic vegan mayo
  • Leafy green salad with tamari seeds and pine nuts
  • Mediterranean salad with charred peppers, courgette, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil

If preferred you could swap out the quiches or sausage rolls for pizza or frittata. Or why not swap around the salads.

£12.50 per person (minimum 20)

Tabouleh Salad

Gluten Free Buffet

  • Garden veg and fresh basil mini-quiches
  • Sushi with tamari shiitake mushrooms
  • Spicy harissa frittata or mac n cheese frittata
  • GF pitta filled with hummus, roast veg and salad
  • Cherry tomatoes stuffed with vegan cheese with shallots
  • Fruit plate
  • American potato salad
  • Asian-style three bean salad
  • Xi’an cucumber salad
  • Peanut and coriander rice salad

Made with non-gluten containing ingredients (ngci). Our items made with ngci are prepared in the same kitchen as items containing gluten. Although we do a thorough clean down between runs, all items may contain traces of gluten.

£12.90 per person (minimum 20 people)

Vegan Sushi | Fairfoods

Picnic Box

  • Smoky vegan egg mayo and watercress sandwich
  • Hummus, roast veg and salad sandwich
  • Baby spicy butternut pasties
  • Mac n cheese frittata
  • Baby sausage rolls, with our homemade filling
  • Fatayer – vegan cheese and spinach stuffed bread
  • Coffee walnut traybake
  • Chocolate brownie

£13.50 per person (minimum 20 people)

Vegan Sausage Rolls and Quiche | Fairfoods

Vegan Cream Tea

  • Cheesy mayo plus sandwiches – a posh cheese and onion sandwich
  • Garden vegetable and fresh basil mini-quiches
  • Cornish-style pasties
  • Scones with vegan cream and jam
  • Lemon tarts
  • Chocolate caramel cheesecake

£12.50 per person (minimum 20 people)

Vegan Cream Tea with Scones, Jam and Cream | Fairfoods

All prices include service, but not travel as it varies.
All food is suitable for vegans.
If you’d like to book us or ask a question, please get in touch.

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