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Gochujang Sweet Potato Salad | Fairfoods Vegan Catering



Salad Bar in a BOX

Saturday 22nd May
Delivery to Honiton and Sidmouth

This gives you a chance to try our new salads! They can all be made with gluten free ingredients on request.

  • Rice salad – with gochujang sweet potato. Spicy gooey sweet potatoes on top of rice salad with crunchy veg and fresh coriander.
  • Noodle salad with broccoli, carrot, pointed peppers and a zingy dressing.
  • Brocco guacamole – lightly steamed broccoli with guacamole-style dressing. Served at room temperature.
  • Asian-style three bean salad – edamame, spring onions, pointed peppers and a ginger tamari sesame dressing.
  • Xi’an cucumber salad – marinated and then dressed in a sesame tahini dressing.
  • All boxes are topped with marinated baked tofu

Choose 3 salads = £5.00
Choose 4 salads = £6.00
Choose all 5 salads = £7.00

Free delivery to Honiton and Sidmouth. We’ll be delivering on Saturday 22nd May, in the afternoon.

Email us to order on by 8pm on Saturday 15th May. Please include your address, a contact number for the day and safe place. Any allergy/intolerance requirements must be stated at the time of booking. All food is vegan.


Vegan Scones Cream Jam | Fairfoods

Vegan Cream Tea

Saturday 12th June
Delivery to Tiverton, Silverton and Exeter.

#1 Scones – with vegan cream and jam
#2 Lemon tarts
#3 Chocolate caramel cheesecake
#4 Smoky vegan egg mayo sandwiches – with spinach and watercress
#5 Garden veg and fresh basil quiche
#6 Cheesy leek and broccoli handheld pasties

Menu will be similar to the one listed above. Price and delivery areas to be confirmed..

If you’re interested in booking, email us on, and we’ll let you know as soon as all the details are confirmed. Please let us know where you’d like it delivered. Our planned, provisional route is Tiverton, Silverton and Exeter. All food is vegan.

Main Meal Listing.. in Four Easy Steps!

  1. Choose meals from the listing below.
  2. Order using the form at the bottom. Don’t forget to include any allergy requests! We usually need at least a weeks notice.
  3. We’ll contact you to arrange the delivery date and payment.
  4. We’ll deliver our delicious vegan meals and treats to your door.

We provide the main part of the meal – you simply add any accompanying veg/rice etc. desired, and you’re good to go. All dishes are provided frozen, but can often be provided fresh, please make a note on the booking form below if you’d prefer this. (The specials box above is provided fresh).

MENU – Single Portions

If you want to try out a dish, pick from our Single Portions menu. We’ve selected these from our Bulk Buy section which is directly below.

  • Guiness pie with mushrooms – £5.00
  • Spicy pea and paneer curry (gfo) – £4.00
  • Chilli con three beans (gfo) – £4.00
  • Tarka dhal (gfo) – £3.00
  • Garden vegetable quiche – £3.00
  • Sausage rolls – £2.50
  • Tofu burger – £2.25
  • Peanut burger – £1.50
  • Chewy chocolate raspberry cookies – £1.20
Vegan Pea and Paneer Curry available from our meal delivery menu

MENU – Bulk Buy

These are available to bulk buy (and of course you can buy as many as you want of the single portion dishes above). You receive a discount when you bulk buy. Please note the single portions serve one regular portion and the double portions are two smaller portions, unless stated.


These are mainly from our Christmas menu, included so that you can order them all year round.

  • Deep pan pizza: capers, mushroom and fresh basil. 6 slices for £10.80.
  • Deep pan pizza: margherita. 6 slices for £8.40.
  • Deep pan pizza: garlic, potato and fresh rosemary. 6 slices for £9.00. All pizzas are made with homemade bread with a slow overnight rise. White or wholemeal available.
  • Guiness pie with mushrooms
    With tofu, Brussels sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, chestnuts, Guiness, and a puff pastry top. Wholemeal or white homemade shortcrust pastry top available on request. £16 for four. Each pie serves one generously.
  • Celeriac and hazelnut roast en croute
    A moist celeriac and hazelnut filling wrapped in puff pastry. £7 – serves two generous portions.
  • Roast hazelnut, sheese and cashew roast
    With tasty toasted hazelnuts and a hint of vegan cheese for depth of flavour. £6 – serves two.
  • Creamy cashew roast (gfo)
    A lighter nut roast with cashews and vegetables including carrots, celery and courgettes. £6 – serves two.
  • Chewy chocolate raspberry cookies
    These are chewy and very chocolatey, with hints of raspberry. £10 for 10.
Vegan Pizza | Fairfoods


  • Mushroom and red wine cottage pie (gfo)
    Lentils, soya mince and vegetables in a deeply savoury sauce topped with our creamy mashed potato. £16.00 for four singles or £28.00 for four doubles.
  • Mac n cheese frittata (gfo)
    We are hooked on mac n cheese so this is our picnic-style version with silken tofu. It packs in the cheesy flavour with macaroni, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, vegan cheese and silken tofu in the base, topped with cheese sauce and finished with grated cheese. £10.00 for four slices.
  • Mac n cheese
    This is our regular version of mac n cheese, the one we serve at Exeter Vegan Market. With cherry tomatoes, pesto and a crunchy topping. Plus extra cheese sauce! £16.00 for four singles or £28.00 for four doubles.
  • Leek and broccoli croustade
    A crusty nut and breadcrumb base with a creamy leek and broccoli sauce on top. £16.00 for four singles or £28.00 for four doubles.
  • Creamy spinach and roast vegetable lasagne (gfo)
    Four layers: creamy spinach and tofu; tomato sauce; roasted mushrooms, red onions, courgettes and red peppers; and white sauce. Lasagne pasta is nestled in between the layers and the whole thing is topped with melty vegan cheese. £16.00 for four singles or £28.00 for four doubles.
Vegan Mac N Cheese | Fairfoods


  • Spicy pea and vegan cheese curry (gfo)
    Unusual and sensationally delicious curry with vegan cheese, peas and tomato. The cheese melts into the curry. £16.00 for four singles or £28.00 for four doubles.
  • Sweet and sour tofu and veg (gfo)
    A delicate sweet and sour sauce with lots of vegetables and tofu. £16.00 for four singles or £28.00 for four doubles.
  • Chilli con three beans
    Chick peas, kidney beans, vegetables, fresh herbs and red wine with a knockout chilli tomato sauce. £16.00 for four singles or £24.00 for four doubles.
  • Tarka dhal
    Made with tempered spices and fresh coriander. £12.00 for four singles or £16.00 for four doubles.


  • Garden vegetable quiche
    Quiche with a creamy blend of tofu and cashews, filled with leeks, peas, courgettes and fresh basil. If you’d like it sliced into six or eight slices, please let us know on the booking form below. £15 per whole quiche.
  • Spicy pea, leek and fresh coriander tart
    Leek, potato and peas with tempered spices, bound with creamy tangy mayo and a hit of fresh chilli and coriander in each bite. If you’d like it sliced into six or eight slices, please let us know on the booking form below. £15 per whole quiche.
  • Sausage rolls
    Our super-tasty vegan sausage roll mix made in-house, baked in puff pastry. 4 for £8.
  • Tofu burger
    Another homemade recipe, packed with tofu, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and great flavour. 4 for £8.
  • Peanut burger
    Our handmade burger recipe, where healthy ingredients (toasty peanuts, veg, brown rice and oats) and a careful blend of umami flavourings combine to make delicious and tasty ‘junk food’ without the junk. 4 for £5.
Vegan Peanut Burger | Fairfoods


  • Vegan cheese sauce (gfo)
    A deeply cheesy and satisfying vegan cheese sauce. Great for serving with macaroni or a big pile of steamed vegetables. £3 – serves two, or £4 – serves three.


  • Bakewell tart
    Our most popular cake. A homemade pastry case filled with freshly made almond sponge topped with almond flakes, with raspberry jam tucked underneath the sponge. Provided as a whole cake, please let us know if you want it in slices. £15.
  • Chocolate banana pecan cake
    Only made with the ripest bananas we can find plus some crunchy nuts and a hit of chocolate. Provided as a whole cake, please let us know if you want it in slices. £15.
  • Chocolate banana pecan cake with chocolate ganache
    The cake above topped with rich chocolate ganache icing. Provided as a whole cake only. £20.
  • Fruit cake
    A lovely moist cake sweetened only with plump sultanas, raisins, apricots, currants and apple juice. Provided as a whole rectangular cake, please let us know if you want it in slices. £20.
  • Decorated fruit cake
    The cake above decorated with marzipan and icing. 7 inch round cake – the cake pictured towards the bottom of the page is an example from Christmas. This cake is provided whole. £30.
Vegan Chocolate Cake | Order via our Meal Delivery in Devon

To order just fill in the form below. If you have any allergy requests they must be stated when you book. We’ll get back to you to arrange the delivery date and payment. Please note we usually need at least a weeks notice.

If you would like to order items from our buffet and salad bar menu at the same time please feel free to do so.

Delivery information

Free delivery: Willand, Cullompton, Uffculme and Halberton. Minimum order £20.
Free delivery: Tiverton and central Exeter. Minimum order £20.
Free delivery: pick up from Seasons Exeter
Elsewhere our minimum order is £50. A delivery charge may apply and is usually 40p per mile. Please keep an eye on the top of the page (!) as we do offer free deliveries.


Sweet and Sour With Tofu | Fairfoods Vegan Catering
Sweet and Sour, in reused containers at customer’s request, please let us know if you want to do this.
Vegan Christmas Cake | Fairfoods
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