Our vegan Christmas Boxes, Extras and Buffets are available to order,  and free delivery of our Christmas Boxes and Extras are on the following dates:

  • Friday 21 December evening: Cullompton and Tiverton area
  • Saturday 22 December day: Exeter area
  • Sunday 23 December morning: Honiton area

Everything in the Christmas Boxes and Extras can be frozen so they last you over Christmas. All savouries supplied frozen, cakes fresh or frozen. They are listed below.

To book just choose your Box and/or Extras. Contact us with a list of what you’d like to order, where and when and we’ll get back to you with availability, booking and payment details. If the dates above aren’t suitable and you want to pick your order up from our kitchen in Willand, please state this in the email.

Bookings close on Sunday 16th December or when we’re fully booked, and minimum order is £10.

Christmas Day Box

  • Hazel and cashew roast
  • Homemade gravy
  • Cauliflower cheese
  • Twelve mince pies

£35 (£23 without mince pies) – serves four people.

Vegan Chocolate Bounties

Chocolate Box

  • Chocolate caramel cake with Christmas decorations, four inch
  • Truffle selection, twelve
  • Mince Pies OR Coconut Choc Bounties, six

£22 – serves four people


  • Hazel and cashew roast for four £12.00
  • Creamy cashew roast (gfi) for four £10.00
  • Shepherd’s pie (gfi) for two small/one large £5.00
  • Homemade gravy (gfi) for four £3.00
  • Mac n cheese with pesto, cherry tomatoes and extra sauce, for four £10.00
  • Cauliflower cheese (gfi) for four – side dish £8.00
  • Baby sausage rolls x 24 £12.00
  • Margherita pizza x 6 slices £8.40
  • Pizza with tofurky slices, stuffing balls & red wine caramelised onions £12.50
  • Truffles: citrus, maya gold, mint or hazelnut praline (gfi) x 6 £4.00
  • Bakewell tart x 8 slices £12.00
  • Mince pies x twelve (gfi) £12.00
  • Chocolate caramel cake with Christmas decorations, seven inch £24.00

Vegan Christmas Buffet

Christmas Buffet/Party Food

Finger Buffet
  • Sandwiches: tofurky slices, cranberry sauce and gravy
  • Sandwiches: cheesy mayo plus
  • Pizza with red onion, rosemary and toasted pine nuts
  • Sausage rolls
  • Mushroom vol-au-vents
  • Pea, leek and fresh basil mini-quiches
  • Cherry tomatoes stuffed with handmade vegan cream cheese with shallots
  • Veg sticks and tortilla chips with roast red pepper and walnut dip

£7 per person. Minimum order 15 people.

Finger and Fork Buffet
  • Pizza with tofurky slices, stuffing balls and red wine caramelised onions
  • Pizza margherita
  • Fatayer (cheese and spinach breads)
  • Spicy butternut baby pasties
  • Sausage rolls
  • Hazel and cashew roast with homemade cranberry sauce
  • Spring rolls
  • Creamy potato salad
  • Energy salad
  • Kettle crisps and veg sticks with spicy peanut sauce
  • Bakewell slices or mince pies
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Fruit plate

£8 per person (£10 with desserts). Minimum order 20 people.

Vegan Pasties and Pizza

The above two menus are sample menus, which we’re happy to tweak. To book a buffet fill in our booking form. See above to order a Christmas Box or Extras.

All our food is vegan.