Five weddings, five menus and five testimonials

We’ve been busy with weddings this summer.. The menus of some of these are shared below, together with the feedback received. We appreciate the feedback and it helps make it all worthwhile.

Wedding buffet for 120 people with hot and cold food

The Menu
Pizza – pistachio, rosemary and red onion
Pizza – margherita
Homemade garlic bread
Roast potatoes
Leek and broccoli croustade
Homity pie
Cornish pasties
Hummus and roast veg sandwiches
Mushroom pate sandwiches
Spicy peanut sauce sandwiches
Mushroom vol-au-vents
Red pepper and courgette quiche
Beetroot, carrot, apple and pumpkin seed
Potato salad
Homemade focaccia bread
Kettle chips with hummus dip and guacamole

Feedback from Jules and George
George and I were thoroughly delighted with our decision to use Fairfoods for our wedding catering. We were really hoping to show all our friends and family that it is not necessary in the slightest to use any animal product in order to have delicious food – and that eating vegan didn’t mean just a bit of salad.

I had high hopes from looking at your menus online, but I have to say I was totally bowled over by the range of exquisitely delicious dishes, and the generous amount of food. I cannot tell you how many people have made a point of saying to me how much they enjoyed the buffet and how surprised they were. My best friend from school grew up on a farm and is a staunch meat eater, she admitted to me after she was worried about the food but couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed it! We are thoroughly chuffed and feel that Fairfoods has done exactly what we set out to do.

In addition to this I was also extremely impressed with the level of service we received from you and your staff – all were very unobtrusive and efficient and gave us a great deal of your time, ensuring all went smoothly and everyone was served teas, coffees and everything was cleared away – was it nearly 11 o’clock by the time you left??? Excellent value for money, and I will take every opportunity of recommending you in the future!!

Thank you for really helping to make our wedding the fantastic day that it was. I wish you every success – you thoroughly deserve it.

One last thing – the leek and broccoli croustade that we had has been mentioned time and time again! Any chance you could divulge the recipe? I couldn’t find it on the website, it was definitely everyone’s favourite! I devoured my own weight in homity pies too! They were lush!!

All the best Clare and a big thank you..

Jules and George xx (July 2014)

testimonial for vegan wedding

Wedding buffet for 60 people with hot and cold food

The Menu
Beany vegetable chilli
Mini-quiches – red pepper and courgette
Mini-quiches – mushroom and asparagus
Baby veggie pasties
Baby spicy butternut squash pasties
Stuffed cherry tomatoes with cashew carrot dip
Green herb salad
Potato salad
Beetroot, carrot, apple and pumpkin
Homemade bread rolls
Gluten-free bread toasted
Chocolate cherry cake (some gluten-free)
Classic lemon cake
Bakewell tart

lemon cake, vegan

Feedback from Emma and James
Thank you again for providing delicious food for our wedding and helping us create the vegan wedding we hoped for. Lots of our guests (many non-vegetarians) said how nice the buffet was. We thought the cakes were especially tasty! Your time and assistance in helping us choose a menu and fix the details was much appreciated. We will certainly recommend you to friends.
Best wishes, Emma and James (July 2014)

Feedback card with wedding testimonial

Wedding buffet for 50 people with hot and cold food

The Menu
Sushi with dipping sauce
Sushi with raw filling
Baby sausage rolls
Baby spicy butternut squash pasties
Mini-quiches – red pepper and courgette
Mini-quiches – mushroom and fresh basil
Vegetable crudite and crisps
Spicy peanut sauce, guacamole and hummus
Raw stuffed cherry tomatoes with pesto
Marinated olives
Red pepper and pepperoni pizza
Sweetcorn, olive and red onion pizza
Homemade garlic bread
Sausage on sticks
Cocktail stick kebabs
Green herb salad
New potatoes
Served in the evening – burgers

baba ganoush dip, vegan

Feedback from Cerri and Andy
Thank you for both creating some really amazing tasty food for our wedding day. It really was wonderful. The burgers in particular were a hit with my friend Helen eating 3 one after another!! It was a fabulous day and I am glad that you  were both part of it. Thank you so very much.
Cerri and Andy (June 2014)

Wedding food for 15 people (take away)

The Menu
Red pepper and courgette quiche
Leek and spinach quiche
Spicy butternut pasties
Pasta bake
Veg burgers
Beetroot, carrot, apple and pumpkin salad
Lentil tofu and veg salad
Lemony vanilla cake
Victoria sponge

raspberry sundae cupcakes, vegan

Feedback from Ellie
Just a quick message to say thank you very much for our food, it was all absolutely fantastic, arrived safely and was devoured happily by everyone (none of whom, except for us two, are vegan).  The cakes especially were my favorite!
Ellie x (May 2014)

A summer picnic wedding buffet for 70 people

Picnic wedding buffet, vegan

The Menu
Red pepper and courgette mini quiche
Sweetcorn, tomato and olive pizza
Mushroom and red pepper pizza
Baby veggie pasties
Baby sausage rolls
Crudite and crisps
Salad sandwiches with a dab of mayo
Sausage on sticks
Potato, onion and cheese pie
Fruit cocktail kebabs
Fruit plate
Triple chocolate cupcakes
Classic vanilla cupcakes

Feedback from Leigh and David
Today I finally have enough time to sit down and write to you and say what an amazing decision it was choosing you! We honestly wouldn’t have wished for anything else as it was perfect in every way. My vegan friends & I are already in talks about having a dinner party in November and we will by ordering everything from you as we can’t wait to try more. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone.
Take care, Mr & Mrs Pursey (August 2013)

coffee and walnut cupcake, vegan

*All the photos above are food made and served by us and are a good representation of our food. However they may not have been served at the wedding they are next to. This is because we are usually running round like idiots (!) at events and don’t have time to take photos.

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