Happy (belated) World Vegan Month!

On World Vegan Day, 1 November, we took part in a vegan outreach table in Exeter to celebrate.

An estimated 300 people came up to the table to try vegan food samples and take vegan information.

They tried ready-made vegan sausages and sausage rolls, handmade pizza, potato onion and vegan cheese pie, quiche, chocolate cake and lemon cake.

They also took recipe sheets for all the above foods, and vegan information.

It was a really positive event with lots of great feedback and interest.

Vegan Food Taster Table | Fairfoods

Why choose these recipes?

1. All of them are reasonably easy to cut up into bite-size samples that can be picked up by hand or using a cocktail stick or kitchen towel.

2. They all go down well with non-vegans as a general rule.

3. In detail:

  • Potato, onion and cheese pie: easy to make (especially if pre-made pastry is used)  and a good example of using vegan cheese.
  • Pizza: easy to make and it is very easy to get hold of suitable pizza bases or use ciabatta, baguette or other breads confirmed vegan. Pizza is a well-known and well-liked food recognised by most people. Good example of using vegan cheese.
  • Red pepper and courgette mini-quiche: not so easy to make, but a good example of a food you could have once in a while. Good example of egg-free quiche.
  • Lemon cake and chocolate cake: people often believe that you can not have decent vegan cake so having cake is great to break down this stereotype and show that it is easy and possible to make cakes without eggs and dairy.
  • Shop-bought foods such as Frys and Redwoods are great to show people meat-free examples of their favourite foods. Important to also tell let people know what shops they can get them from.

Some notes on preparing and serving food

Check the food hygiene laws for your country.  In England, if you carry out occasional catering, you may need to register with your local council.

Food handlers should hold a food hygiene certificate. These are available as a one-day food course or you can take the certificate online.

A basic risk analysis or HACCP should also be completed. There is an example risk analysis by Veggies here (scroll down on the page), plus other info on handling vegan food.

Veggies also have some useful food hygiene guidelines.

If you are unsure, stick to commercially prepared foods sold at room temperature, and give them out in their original packaging.